Best DIY Puppets to Sell

Best DIY Puppets to Sell

DIY Puppet Kit

DIY Puppet Kit

We’ve all made our own puppets one way or another as children. If you’re like me, you may have even drawn a face on your hand with a marker to make a puppet. Then, the face would come to life when pressing your thumb together with your pointer finger. Or, maybe that was just me? Nevertheless, puppets are a super fun activity for kids that keeps them occupied and sparks their imagination. While there are several types of DIY puppets you can make at home, having a specific kit to sell would be a great idea for a business to capitalize on.


DIY Puppet Kit: Sock Puppets


Sock puppets are great because they look amazing, and you can design them in an endless amount of ways. It doesn’t take much to put one together either. While materials to make a sock puppet are not limited or set in stone, some useful materials might be a sock, scissors, hot glue, googly eyes, yarn, pipe cleaners, buttons, and more. As a business owner, you could sell two types of products.

  • One option could be to sell the materials needed to put the puppet together so that the consumer can be the creators.
  • The second option would be to construct your own sock puppets and sell them individually.


Similarly to how children build connections to stuffed animals at the store, the puppet might have a similar effect. To package your sock puppet materials, check out this glossy transparent bag. The tinted colors will give the presentation of the kit an extra appeal while still showing everything inside!


DIY Puppet Kit: Finger Puppets


With finger puppets, kids can have fun with several at a time. This means that your business could sell more than one puppet per person. Constructing a finger puppet can take minimal time and use as little as 5 materials. Some necessary items to include in your DIY kit would be felt, shape templates, scissors, glue, and a marker. You could even sell sets of finger puppet friends that kids will adore. To package a finger puppet, you might like this QuickQlick™ bag. This bag is single-sided clear so that the puppets will be visible for customers to see from the front. Also, the stripe design makes the product stand out more!


DIY Puppet Kit: Popsicle Stick Puppets


Popsicle stick puppets are potentially the easiest to make and take the smallest amount of time. While you can make plenty of different types of puppets, this one seems to be the most efficient in all aspects and still looks great. All you need to put one together is two sticks, paint, glue, feathers, and googly eyes. Sometimes, simple projects are the best projects. Since it takes fewer materials to put together this DIY kit, the return on investment would be greater for your business!


Final Thoughts

DIY puppets are perfect crafts to sell that will spark an interest in both parents and their children. Whether you sell a final product puppet or just a kit with materials, the potential of sales is limitless. We have other DIY kits that would be great for businesses as well. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on DIY organic honey lip scrubs.


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