How (and Why) To Make your Own Holiday Gift Bag

How (and Why) To Make your Own Holiday Gift Bag

How to Make a Holiday Gift Bag

How (and Why) to Make a Holiday Gift Set

Christmas goodie bags are excellent ways to tap into the holiday spirit and promote your business. Goodie bags or favor bags are a collection of different products all bundled together in one set. This set can help you move less popular products while also encouraging customers to try out products they may not be interested in. Give the bags a Christmas or holiday theme to feed into the holiday hype! This guide will show you how this can be done and give you tips on how to create the best Christmas goodie bags you can!


Start with the Bag

How to Make a Gift Bag: Start with the Bag

We recommend using our Glossy Quartz Stand Strong™ bag for the foundation of your stocking-stuffer satchels. These pouches are clear on both sides, so no matter what angle you view them from, the interior contents are visible. These bags are not ideal for under the tree gift storage, as unless they are wrapped, everyone will see what is stored inside of the bags. Instead, these bags are great for displaying in stores and on websites. Another great feature of these bags is the bottom gusset that lets the bags stand up on flat surfaces like shelves, countertops, or tables. The gusset will also expand as the bags are filled, allowing you to fit more products inside.  Furthermore, the bag is resealable. There is an abundance of holiday gift goodie bags that use thin cellophane material that cannot be closed once opened. Our Glossy Quartz bag can be opened and closed multiple times without ever reducing in quality. The resealable nature of the bag will allow the customer to open the bag, remove their desired item, and reseal the bag. This will aid in maintaining the freshness and integrity of whatever's left inside of the bag.


Dress it Up

How to Make a Gift Bag: Dress Up the Bag

While our Quartz Clear bag is already visually appealing, there are ways you can dress up the bag to add an extra special holiday flair. One option is by custom printing on the bag. We offer both double-sided and single-sided custom printing, even on clear bags! Just find a fun holiday design that will fit onto the bag, then reach out to us! We will work with you to ensure that you receive beautiful and festive bags in time for the holiday rush.

Another way you can decorate your pouch is with a ribbon and tag. The top portion of the bag has two tear notches, designed to make it easy to open the bags after they are heat-sealed. But, the groves at the top of the bag can also be used to hold a ribbon and tag! Simply find a thread, string, or ribbon that you like, slip it in-between the two tear notches, add the tag, and then tie a bow to finish it off!  The tag can be decorated with a handwritten note, or equipped with a label to advertise your brand and product! This is a simple and easy way to turn a standard bag into a fun holiday gift bag. Now the question is, what do you put in it?


What to put in it

When it comes to deciding what to pack inside of your holiday gift bags, your options are unlimited. If you sell candy, consider making a variety pack of different flavors and types. Although, this will require individual packaging for the different candies to allow them to remain separated. If you want to store the candy directly in the bag, that works too! The bags are completely food-safe and excellent at keeping food fresh once they are heat-sealed. Simply fill the bags with the candy, press the zipper seal close, heat seal, then finish with the ribbon and tag.

If you are selling beauty products, holiday bundle sets are a perfect way to give out samples. Add samples of exfoliates, toners, moisturizers, and masks. Create a bundle that lets your customers experiment with your different products. If you need sample-sized bags to hold the cosmetics, check out our Glossy SlickSeal™ Open Top bags. These bags are very popular with our beauty consultant customers. They love using the bold colors for their samples. The impermeable metalized film makes the bags great for lotions and gel products. Fill the gift set with all these different products, customers will see the abundance of products in the bag and recognize the great deal they are getting. Then, once they have tried out all your different products, they will return to purchase the full size. The holiday bundle packs can be a great value for both you and your customers.




Wrapping Up

Start preparing for the holiday rush, because once it hits, it'll be too late! At QQ Studio, not only do we offer an abundance of packaging, but we also offer tips to help small businesses and startups achieve success. We've been there, we know how it is. If you would like more tips on how to make gift bags, check out our blog on Making the Perfect Goodie Bag. Also, if you’d like to see some of our own bundle sets, view our Color Starter Kits. Remember what I said about the beauty sample sets? The same principle is applied to our starter kits! Try out samples of different colored bags to find the one that works best for you. If there is one thing we know, it’s how to package things.

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