DIY Craft Kit Ideas for Businesses

DIY Craft Kit Ideas for Businesses

Putting Together DIY Craft Kits to Sell

Putting Together DIY Craft Kits to Sell

If you’re a business in the craft industry looking to put together your own DIY kits, then you probably have some concerns about starting. First, you might not even know how to put a kit together in the first place. Second, you don’t know the reasonable amount of money to put into these kits. So, let’s break down some costs of needed materials and also figure out how to package it all together.

Of course, everything depends on the type of kit you are looking to sell. Some craft projects are incredibly simple while other complex projects might require more expensive materials. So, if you do want to package an intricate project, you may want to adjust your price on the product accordingly. 


Putting Together DIY Craft Kits to Sell: Airplane Clothespin Craft


If you’re searching for easy crafts that don’t require much to make, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in the kid’s DIY department. An airplane clothespin craft is a prime example of something simple that you can sell. This kit only needs a total of 4 items! Here’s a list of essentials with approximate costs.


  • Scissors (ranges from $5 for 6 metal kids scissors)
  • Glue ($1 for 4 oz washable white glue)
  • Foam Craft Sticks ($8 for 100)
  • Clothespins ($2-$3 for a pack of 50-100 pins)


Aside from the bottle of glue, these costs will cover more than one kit as well. All things considered, this kit is extremely doable for small businesses. To package this kit, you might like this glossy clear bag. This Stand Strong™ bag will stand up on any flat surface, and it will visibly showcase the materials inside. 


Putting Together DIY Craft Kits to Sell: DIY Lavender Soap


If you want to expand your craft catalog with more adult DIY projects, lavender soap is an interesting kit that adds a level of sophistication to your business. While this is a fun project, it will take a little more money to put together.


  • Goat’s Milk Soap Base ($18 for 2 pounds)
  • Dried Lavender ($18 for 8 oz)
  • Lavender Oil ($7 for 15 ml)
  • Silicone Soap Molds ($10 for 2-pack)


To learn how to make this project, check out this website. As you can see, materials to construct a higher scale craft like this is a bit pricier. As a result, the price at which you sell this kit at should be higher than the kid’s DIY kit. To package this soap, check out this translucent border design bag. This bag lays flat to maximize storage space and also has a butterfly hang hole to better show-off your kit!


Final Thoughts

When you have a vision for your business, it’s essential that you think practically as to how you are going to make it happen. For DIY crafts, there’s a wide range of different kinds of projects that require different costs. Once you decide which projects make the most sense for your business to sell, your next move is to figure out how you’re going to package it. QQ Studio packaging is perfect for making kits look presentable at any store. We have other DIY information too. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the best DIY puppets to sell.

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