How to Package and Sell Beef Jerky to Campers

How to Package and Sell Beef Jerky to Campers

How to Package and Sell Beef Jerky to Campers

You may have the best recipe on the market, but do you have the best packaging? Chances are, you already know that to sell to the outdoors community, you need to show that your product is resistant to the elements and able to live through the rough and tumble lifestyle of the consumer. If you’ve done your research, you have learned that Mylar is the go-to material for dried meat storage. Why? Because no other material on the market keeps food fresher than Mylar. The golden standard for jerky packaging is a mylar bag with a silica gel packet to absorb oxygen. Now, what we can offer you is a Mylar bag that not only meets the specifications that are required to safely store dried meats, it does so better than any of the other cheap foil bags your competitors are using.

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Business Basics

Before we begin on the packaging, we should ensure that your Jerky business is operating correctly. So, we need to ask you some questions. First, do you have all of the proper permits? A simple question but one that needs to be asked if you're going to be selling your food products commercially. Second, do you have equipment capable of producing adequate amounts of beef jerky? You are going to need things like commercial dehydrators, food scales, storage equipment, and freezers. Third, how much are you selling your product for? Fourth, where are you selling it? And finally, who are you selling it to?

In this article let’s assume you are trying to sell your jerky to the outdoors community, like hikers and campers. The approach you would take selling to them is much different than the approach you would take to selling to truck drivers. Once you have all this information sorted out, you can begin the process of selling. But, there is still one question that remains unanswered, what are you storing your product in?

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The Packaging 

If you’ve been reading closely, you’re going to use a Mylar bag. The 311 bag from QQ Studio is the bag you should be looking at. For starters, it has a 3 mils thickness. This is perfect as it is thick enough to protect the meats but not too bulky or rigid. Considering how the campers will be carrying these packages over large distances, the package weight is something that must be considered. Another benefit is the finish. With so many dark packages and muted colors in the supermarket, a shiny metallic finish will pop out like a peacock in a chicken coop. The 311 comes in gold and silver coloring with a transparent window. This reflective material is so shiny it can also double as a way to signal for help in emergencies. These packages will come to life with your company’s logo printed on the front and nutritional information printed on the back. Finding the right color to match your brand's identity is easy with the many different color options offered.

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The Features

Other features of our Mylar bag that make it the best possible dry food storage bag for retail is its bottom gusset that makes the bag stand up on its own once filled. Stand up bags are a must if you are going to be displaying your product on shelves. Standard zipper closure systems are not resistant to moisture and air. To fully prevent water and gasses from entering or leaving your packaging, you need to heat seal it. Our 300 series packaging pouches are designed to be both zipped and heat sealed. Two tear notches allow for the product to be cleanly opened once the camper is ready to eat the meat. The zip closure then keeps the contents mostly safe from degradation. Out on a trail or in the secluded woods, the smell of food can attract wild animals to the camper’s location. Bears and raccoons coming in contact with their food is a problem that needs to be prevented. Our storage bags can block any scents from escaping the package when it is fully sealed.


If you are just starting in the jerky business than it is imperative that you quickly establish your corporate identity and brand. The packaging is one half of what makes your product recognizable to the consumer. If the first thing they see in the store is the packaging, you want to make sure that it leaves a good first impression.

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