Top DIY Beaded Jewelry for Businesses

Top DIY Beaded Jewelry for Businesses


Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs

Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs

For small businesses, DIY jewelry is a simple product to make and sell to consumers. Beaded jewelry is especially great because it can be catered to the liking of the customer, resulting in more demand and higher satisfaction. Businesses can profit off beaded jewelry to a greater extent because it is so inexpensive to make. As the beaded jewelry trend continues moving upward, it only makes sense that you learn what designs have a better chance of selling. Check out our list below of the best homemade beaded jewelry designs for you to sell.


1. Beaded Bracelets

Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs: Beaded Bracelet

Homemade beaded bracelets can be made in endless designs and color combinations. For this reason, these beaded bracelets will add a versatile selection to your catalog of products. Some basic materials to make a beaded bracelet is a cord, beads, a single button, and thread. This is one of the more simplistic and time-efficient designs that will help your business sell more items. To learn more about how to make a standard beaded bracelet check out this blog tutorial. For beaded bracelet storage, check out our pastel double sided bags. These bags are impermeable to restrict moisture and oxygen from effecting the products, and the pastel color options are great for any store display!


2. Beaded Earrings

Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs: Beaded Earrings

Having an assortment of beaded earrings would be a great addition to your DIY jewelry. While there are tons of variations of earring designs to choose from, there are some designs that are easier and faster to make. One type of beaded earring could be a headpin earring, in which only 2 beads are needed to prepare an entire set! To learn how to make this fashionable earring, click here. To package this product, you might like our single sided window bags. These bags have hang holes to hang up in a store, and allow the product to be shown on one side for better display!


3. Beaded Necklace

Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs: Beaded Necklaces

Necklaces will never go out of style. Necklaces could also target a demographic that reaches both men and women. If there is a color scheme that represents your business, you could even incorporate that into your necklace designs. One of the simpler necklaces to make is the knotted bead design. You can learn how to create this necklace on the Spruce Crafts. For necklace storage, our holographic bags could be the right choice. The reflective coloring will make your beaded necklace stand out to customers.


4. Beaded Rings


Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs: Beaded Rings

When you think of rings, you probably don’t think about beaded jewelry. Yet, it is surprising how many styles of DIY rings you can make. Using a kit of 10 easy household supplies, you can prepare a beautiful finger ring to wear on any occasion. Check out this tutorial to learn how to put together a delicate beaded ring. Your rings could be great fits for our two-tone gradient mylar bags, where the multi-color design you make can complement the bag nicely.


5. Beaded Keychain

Best Homemade Beaded Jewelry Designs: Beaded Keychains

We realize this isn’t necessarily a jewelry item, but the limitless possibilities of DIY keychains are too good to be kept off the list. Keychains are fun items that consumers will always be interested in. One variation of this product is the wooden beaded keychain, which requires only 5 materials to make. This keychain can serve as a perfect add-on to any customer’s set of car keys, house keys, etc. You can learn how to make this awesome keychain here. For packaging, these clear front QuickQlick™ bags are a good solution. The keychain will be visible from the shopper’s view, and the hang hole allow for easier display on hanging racks.


Tying it all Together

Ultimately, beaded jewelry designs are great ideas for businesses to sell. These items are popular, easy to make, time efficient, and inexpensive. Now that you’re up to date with some of the best beaded designs, be on the lookout for other DIY items to make. Feel free to read through our blog on how to make striped tie-dye shirts.  

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