Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store

Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store

Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store

Best Snacks that Last Longer

Are you tired of buying snacks that spoil quickly? It can be frustrating when you buy something that goes bad before you even get to finish the bag. Spare yourself the waste of time and money on perishable items that never seem to last. In this blog, we’re going to give you a list of some of the best snacks that last longer. Plus, we have some packaging options that will preserve your snacks the right way!


Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store: Beef Jerky


If you’re a meat-eater, beef jerky is one of the most preservable snacks you can buy and enjoy. Most jerky can last between 1-2 years with the right packaging. Crazy right? Part of why jerky lasts so long is because it doesn’t contain moisture that would normally grow moldy. For premium jerky packaging, check out this collection. This bag is airtight, water-proof, and windowed to allow for some visibility on the outside. Also, the metallic film material will preserve your jerky for a longer duration. For more jerky packaging information, check out this blog.


Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store: Popcorn


This is a snack that “popped” out at me as soon as I heard about its expectancy. Unbuttered popcorn is a healthy, light snack that happens to have a longer expiration date than most snacks. Un-popped kernels can last practically forever in storage! However, popped popcorn has a span of about three weeks. Still, this is much better than your typical snack that spoils after a week. For proper popcorn packaging, you might like this single-sided bag. This bag is available in multiple color options and will allow for total visibility to your popcorn on one side. If you’re selling the popcorn, there is a hang-hole to hang on pegboards or attach labels.


Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store: Granola


One of my personal favorites! Granola is a snack that seems to work at any time of the day. Whether it be granola bars or a regular bowl of granola, this snack is healthy and tastes great. More importantly, its shelf life is tremendous. To be specific, granola can last at least 6 months on a shelf. However, it can last an even longer period with the right packaging. Store your granola in this protective double-sided bag. This bag is made with metallic film to preserve your granola for a longer period. Also, this Stand Strong™ bag will stand up upright on any flat surface for optimal display.


Top Non-Perishable Snacks to Store: Dark Chocolate


The sweet treat that lasts a long time! Believe it or not, this dessert snack has an expectancy of up to two years if unopened. If you’re looking for a candy that will still be good on your movie night next month, dark chocolate is the perfect solution. For airtight confectionery packaging, check out this QuickQlick™ bag. This bag comes in just about every color. I recommend the purple bag for romantic chocolate Valentine’s Day packaging! This bag is reusable and made with food-safe metallic film material.



I hope you were able to gain a new understanding of non-perishable foods that will last you a long time. Instead of constantly being disappointed by foods that quickly spoil, select the right ones that have longevity. We have other essential snack information to share with you too. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on 4 quick vegan granola recipes.

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